Key Benefits

A new way to interact with ROOX Support

The ROOX LINK Platform was created with you and your needs in mind. We do not want just a faster support service, but also more agile and simple.
Now with the simple tap of a button, we know that you need our support and we'll quickly get in touch with you. Do not waste time on the phone, optimize your time.

The ROOX LINK platform is compatible with: :

Support anywhere, anytime.

In addition to the platform on your computer, ROOX LINK is available through APP on IOS and Android so you can request ROOX support anytime, anywhere with a single tap..

The ROOX LINK App is available at:
Google Store

Technician assignment

Do not waste time on the phone while your call is probably transferred between support elements.
You can jjust submit your request and you will be contacted back, directly by the technician, for the resolution of your problem.
Resolution and feedback

With ROOX Link, every interaction that you have with us is evaluated by you, that give gives us the opportunity to do more and to know you better.
With your evaluation we know your favorite experts, what are your most frequent problems among other details. When processing all this data the ROOX LINK platform learns with every new interaction, so that your future support requests are as personalized as possible.

Key Features

• Fast and simple support request
• Real-time technician assignment
• Access to the resolution description
• Evaluation of the service provided


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