Key Benefits

Streamline the potential of cross-sell and collaborative networking.

If you think that getting new customers is not the only way to generate revenue, then take more advantage of the already existing potential within your company. Access all contacts and their interactions on a single platform simply and quickly and effectively.
Access to contacts anywhere and at any time.

Are you at a conference and need to access a contact in your firm? Do not worry. With InterX you can access your company contacts on any device anywhere.
Have an easy and organized external communication

Our integration with the MailChimp platform allows you to define targeting filters, with advanced detail, so that you can create contact groups. Stop doing all the administrative work of managing contacts whenever you need to do external communication. Make the process simpler and more intuitive.

Key Features

• Centralised contacts
• Tag creation and edition to contact management segmentation
• MailChimp Integration
• Automated Conflict Check from Excel contact import
• Easy and Automated Contact Import from Outlook
• Contact Pool Moderation
• Integration with LawyerGest and JVRIS* software

*in development


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