Key Benefits

Always have a plan B

Automatically backup, outside of your organization physical infrastructure, all the information protected by your backup system. Feel completely safe with a full replica of the information that is guaranteed by your system .
So, if something unusual happens to your main system you will always have a ready and up to date copy of your data, reducing the risk of loss of information.

Recover your data quickly and easily in case of any ciber attack

The Cloud Backup from ROOX is a solution that has high availability and security against any potencial losses, either by human interference or even in computer driven attacks.
Recover your data quickly and easy, either remotely or in person,

A quality solution made specifically to your needs

The Cloud Backup by ROOX it's a quality solution and fully flexible to your needs. The value of your investment will not be standard one but rather according to your needs.
Set the backup schedule as you want

Define, as you want, the frequency of your backups so that in case of a cyber-attack, you can limit potential data loss as much as possible.

Other products and services that might interest you

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