The value is in the team

Professionals, but most of all great human beings.

Work at ROOX

Outsourcing means for us to be part of the team

Being in outsourcing has enormous advantages provided by the contact with multiple realities in which it is inserted. For ROOX, the contact with the Outsourcing team is essential, promoting regularly activities, in addition to training, with the goal of interpersonal and sharing knowledge.

Who we recruit

A professional is not only made of technical skills

Regardless of your profile, there is a place for you, and we know how to evaluate what it is. Our teams are made up of people with diverse and multi-disciplinary profiles, but have in common the level of technical quality, motivation, solid ethical principles and responsibility. If these are your principles but you're still not with us, then it will be a matter of time. We choose only the best.


Diversity in a always changing world

Our clients search essentially .NET and Java Developers Business Intelligence Consultants, BPM and BRMS, HelpDesk, Network and Systems Administrators. Check the open opportunities.

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