A totally innovative way of interacting with the visitor.

Introduce a level of interaction in your cultural space
never seen before.

The bridge between the physical and the digital world!

At the National Coach Museum, we've implemented a proximity project that allows a visitor to receive an art object information, just by getting close to it, without the need to take any action.

At the place, you can check all the curiosities about a particular work and even have a 360º experience of what it's like to be in a car.

Customized Information

Our technologies allow the possibility of interacting automatically with the visitor in a totally personalized way.

It is possible to automatically direct content in Portuguese in a youthful tone to a younger audience, as well as transmit more detailed and historical content, for example in German, to a German adult visitor.

Visitors Tracking

But the advantages do not stay with the component of the visitor experience. It is possible for the Space Management to keep information about the most visited places and, in this way, to be able to reorganize its space according to the interest of exhibition and maximization of interest.

Tailor-made IoT solutions

The imagination is the limit. We can build, whether it is hardware or software, the IoT solution that will boost your business.

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