Make your business more productive and efficient.

Have real-time control of every task of your team.

Project Management

In a single application have the control of all the tasks of your company. Consider all tasks that occur in your company as part of Projects or Dossiers, whether they are external or internal clients, support or production activities. Monitor the time spent, as well as how to achieve it at desired times.


Ensure that work processes follow the intended course. Draw your workflows according to their typology, so that each element of your organization can intervene at the desired moment. With TeamPlanner you will be able to allow your employees to operate on a single platform, whether they are developing production activities for customers, commercial area, Human Resources or administrative.


The relationship management at the measure of their needs. TeamPlanner assumes a central role in the documentation of all entities with whom it relates. Know how entities or people relate to each other. You'll find an answer in TeamPlanner, whether you want to document your competition, or even realize the weight a person or customer has in your organization.

Customer Management

Control your assets beyond thos who are fixed

If your activity involves maintaining assets in clients, or if it doesn't, if you need to control the assets you have, TeamPlanner allows you to geo-refer, measure maintenance costs or even profitability. In TeamPlanner you will find the balanced way to document your assets and operate on them.

Documentary Archive

Centralize access to your company documentation.

Centrally archive your company documentation securely, and assign access only to those who need it. Stop having documents archived by all the company's computers in an unstructured way.

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