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Assure that your information is secure. Get to know the best practices.

Edge Security

External Protection

It is crucial to provide an infrastructure with fully edge security dedicated solutions, which are completed configured and updated, so that they can be used for any external intrusion protection.

Constant Watch

Have a control about what your users can access on the exterior. It might, for example, forbid you to access a particular storage cloud, as it prevents information leakage.


An additional layer of protection for internal resources, preventing the creation of easy-to-decifer passwords.

Control the devices that can access the corporate network

Guarantee that all devices are compliant. If, for example, a device as an outdated software, you can prevent him from accessing your infrastructure.

Safe Emailing

Rules applied to information sent by Email

With the right rules setup, prevent crucial risks like: - Corporative Network Stoppage - Ransomware Attacks - Information Thief - Information Leak

Safe Archive

Guarantee a centralised, safe, email archive in your own infrastructure.


GDPR request a constant access to information logging in case of breach. You should guarantee a detailed access to that information.

Information Security

Encrypt every device that stores information

You can encrypt any information generated in corporate devices. This way you will prevent any malicious try to get access to your information.

Control what kind of information can be exchanged

You can control what kind of information can be shared with a third party. Control what extensions or content are allowed and block any other tentative.

Secure Transport

You can have high secure pen drive usb devices that allow you to transport your information in the most secure way. You can only access that information with you finger print or through a two-factor authentication.

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