Simple for the Lawyer. Complete to the Law Firm.

Meet Our Law Firm Management Software.
Make your firm more productive and efficient, measure it. Have real-time control of all of your team tasks.

Timesheet entry

Document your day in 5 minutes.

The time spent keeping a record of every task you made to your client may not be relevant in your day. To keep this task as simple as possible, LawyerGest® has a Timesheets registration process that allows you to search and register timesheets in your clients, using standard texts, duplication of activities as well as spell checkers among other features.

It simplifies not only your day but also the work of your administrative department in the billing process.


Do not forget to bill anything.

LawyerGest® combines various control mechanisms of your production, providing you Dashboards for activity control and validation of Timesheets for inclusion in fees Notes.

If you have a more complex reality, requiring an ERP Software, LawyerGest® has a certification with Primavera ERP for integration.

Agreements Management

More than simply create fee notes, the knowledge of your profitability.

We keep it simple in terms of Agreements Management, not only in terms of billing, but also in what concerns to analyse the time and value spent on them.

Profitability Control

Set goals and monitor deviations.

The concern of your law firm is certainly to provide a good service law, but without doubt, also the measurement of the defined profitability goals. Have a simple access to management information, graphically, in real time.

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