Advanced Law Firm Management Software

Everything you need to manage your Law Firm, from Timesheet record to Invoice process.

Customer management

Simple and affordable

JVRIS® is a software that lets you organize and access, in a simple way, all relevant information about your customers

Get access to documents, files, timesheet records, current accounts or reports of each customer with just a few clicks

A complete software, with a simple and quick setup, so you get to know everything you need at a distance of just a few clicks

Maximize JVRIS® software with the following integrations iManage

Management of your Law Firm

Complete and focused on productivity

The main objetive of your law firm is to provide a legal service of excellence to you customers, but facilitate and simplify your internal management will be crucial in improving your productivity

JVRIS® let you have access to various types of maps of productivity and profitability so you can understand the impact of each client, or lawyer, in day-to-day operations

Optimize your time by having simple systems to transfer your timesheets, automated filling of descript and a complete costs record

Improve your productivity by saving time!!

Maximize JVRIS® software with the following integrations: PrimaveraBSS

Don't forget to invoice!

In complete harmony with you accounting.

With JVRIS® no invoice will be uncharged. Automate, in a simple way, your payment collection procedures with workflows and wizards for invoicing and interfaces for costs inserting.

In any business, the current account management can become uneventful, but with JVRIS® this whole process will be easier and faster due to the integration with your ERP, thus being in complete harmony with you accounting.

Jvris Software is certified by the Portuguese Tax Authority: AT_Certificado

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