From Cultural Experiences to Mobility

We give to IoT a real world meaning and use case

The bridge between the physical and the digital world!

At the National Coach Museum, we've implemented a proximity project that allows a visitor to receive an art object information, just by getting close to it, without the need to take any action.

Mobility Tracking and Interaction

We have several Mobility IoT projects with EMEL. We develop and maintain the Bikesharing Dashboard Platform that tracks all the fleet and we're building custom hardware, with proximity sensors and beacons, to easily identify who is parking a spot.

User Tracking

Our proximity technologies experience give us the edge in terms of user tracking solutions. We design, developed and implemented several user tracking solutions with different needs and different levels of complexity.

Tailor-made IoT solutions

The imagination is the limit. We can build, whether it is hardware or software, the IoT solution that will boost your business.

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