Get all the documentation in one place only

We give you the document management experience that you're already used to in Windows, with a guarantee of process, access and versions control.

Multi Company System

Even if you company belongs to a Group, or have clients with special needs, with Dokkus® you can create segments to your documentation, allowing you to organize them in specific ways or even to give specific access permissions to someone.

Organize New Documents Easily

Scan the documents you received and create your new Office documents, submitting them to Workflows. Dokkus® allow you not only to categorize your documents, but also to submit them to approval workflows or to someone from a specific department, responsible for that subject.

Access Control

Be sure that you don't have any document passing through your company, or even outside of it, in a non controlled way.

Notifications and Document Expiration Date.

Be alerted, when it matters. You can opt by setting up alters in folders or documents, in order to be notified every time there is an access or change to them. You can also do it to expiration dates, that are important to keep your documentation up to date.

Web Client Area

Have access to your documents anywhere and by anyone you want. Your company belongs to a corporate ecosystem and you may want to give access to your documents through an Online Client Area. Use the alerts to notify the entities or persons with whom you interact. Access it from any device, even from your Smartphone.

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